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Basic Tips on Flea and Tick Prevention for Puppies

Flea and tick prevention for puppies is similar to the prevention way on adult dogs. Except the condition that a puppy is more fragile and dependant than an adult. We will naturally do all possible things to make them happy and healthy. As soon as the puppy is welcomed in your house. Happy puppy creates a happy dog and a happy family.

Flea and tick medications for puppy

Medications used for preventing flea and tick are mostly not safe to be used by puppies before they hit 7 weeks of age. So, it is important to immediately bring your puppy to veterinarian. This is done in order to get the best medication and vaccine to stay away from flea and tick since the puppy age.

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What to do if your puppy has fleas

If your puppy has already reached four weeks of age and 2 pounds in weight then you can give them Capstar. The medication is in tablet and it only works on 24 hours. So, it is important to ask the vet before giving your pet any medication.

Shampoo and collars for flea can also be another option. But most vets do not recommend these things because it is not effective enough. But there are a few flea collars that can release the active chemicals in slow speed. Which can be very useful to stop the molted flea larva.

Flea comb is a tool that will help you to check the presence of flea and you can remove it safely. You can even use it to young puppies.

You also need to clean your house. Basically, the flea and tick will starts their infestation in your house as the severity of your dog’s body is increasing. You can start with vacuuming the carpets and clean all the bedding has been used by your pets. The chairs and sofas are also needed to be cleaned as well. So, this is the tips on flea and tick prevention for puppies.

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