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Some Boston terrier Traits to Know

Keeping a pet like dog is a choice for many people. Despite its charming and loving characters, dog is also smart enough to be trained. One of the dogs that is recommended to take care is Boston Terrier. Boston terrier traits are unique despite their appearances. Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say.

Originally from Boston, USA. It is basically a fighter. However, due to the protest of some animal lover groups, Boston terrier now becomes a common pet kept at house. Its appearance is small but tough and muscular with dominant black and white fur just like tuxedo. That’s why; the nickname for this breed is American Gentleman. Interestingly, Boston terrier has some unique traits as well. What are they?

Miniature Boston Terrier Puppies - photo by annette shaff - shutterstock

Smart but Stubborn

When you may think that all kinds of dog are smart, it means that Boston Terrier is one of the smartest of all. It can easily understand and acknowledge what you mean only after some periods of training. However, it is stubborn as well. it may not be easily fulfill your command if it doesn’t want to. If you are the owner, it means that you have to be extra patient in training it. in fact, when this dog is already “under your hand”, it will be really capable and reliable.

Loving but Reckless

Boston terrier is very charming, loving, and sometimes spoiled. It also has a good social interactions whether with human or with other animals. However, something that you must pay attention also, Boston terrier is also quite reckless. It is due to the natural characteristics of fighter. The effect that this dog is often hurt him or herself. If you want to let this dog play outside, spare your time to watch it. Moreover, it has some sensitive body areas, particularly eyes.

Active but Sensitive

Above all the Boston terrier traits, it is an active dog. However, it is so sensitive as well particularly in extreme weather like winter.

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