French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Unchalee Khun - shutterstock

French Bulldog Care And Maintenance

French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Tyler Olson - shutterstock

Every dog breeds have specific care and maintenance, the same goes for French Bulldog care and maintenance. The special thing about having a dog as your pet is that care and maintenance are not just about their physical condition but also their mental health.
This post is more specific about the French Bulldog care and maintenance of their physical health. Their physical condition is important and can have a great impact on their mental health too.

French Bulldog Care and Maintenance: Their Activities…


French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Irina Kozorog - shutterstock_631940828Frenchies are an active and playful dog with relaxing and calm attitude. They don’t need much exercise. As a usually active dog breed, they could be quite mobile during their time in the house and could be considered as a shape of exercise for them. Don’t exercise your Frenchie with too much intensity. Hard panting makes them vulnerable to breathing problems.
Add with short brisk daily walk will be good for them. Good for their shape and good for them to have socialization too.

Activity Cautions

French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Irina Kozorog - shutterstock

Frenchies are considered relatively small dog breeds. But they quite heavy for their size and their heavier on their front/top part of their body. This is why you must prevent them from jumping from high places, not higher than your couch. It can cause injuries to their muscles or bones.
That is one of the reasons that they are not a good swimmer. They should never be left unsupervised if they have access to the deep water pool.

French Bulldog Care and Maintenance: Their Body…

Their Skin

French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Unchalee Khun - shutterstock

French Bulldog has short shedding and skin folds. For short shedding dogs, generally, doesn’t need too much effort for maintaining clean and healthy skin and coating. For French Bulldog, examine periodically skin folds for infections or irritations. The skin folds area is easier to get irritated and then followed by infection if not treated as soon as possible.
Keep their skin fold area clean and dry, to keep your Frenchie comfortable and doesn’t get irritated skin easily.

Their Teeth

French Bulldog Care And Maintenance - photo By Odor Zsolt - shutterstock

With their shorter jaw, it means that their teeth don’t have plenty of room for each other. Food debris easily traps at spaces between their teeth and don’t get easily wiped away by his saliva. This condition makes them more likely to have dental issues sooner than other non-short faced dogs.
The earlier they get attention for their dental condition and clean them on a regular basis the better.


French Bulldog Care and Maintenance: Health Considerations…

Breathing Issues

Like many other flat faced dogs or brachycephalic dogs, French Bulldog has potential for some breathing issues. Somehow their compressed upper jaw and nose shape, make them more likely to have a problem with breathing. Prevent them from too much panting. When they put the extra effort to get more air too frequent for some time, they could inflame and swollen their airways.
Just pay attention if your dog suddenly panting while doing activities that he usually not having any problem or tiring so quickly. It could be a sign that he’s having a problem with his breathing.

Other Considerations…

When it comes to health issues, French Bulldog might have a different treatment than other dogs. Beside or before going to your vet, it will be better if you always consult with your breeder about your dog condition. After all, they have most of the experience for any stage of life and conditions of their French Bulldog.

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