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Know Your French Bulldog Temperament

french bulldog temperament - photo By Margarita Mindebaeva - shutterstock

One of the most known French Bulldog temperament is that a Frenchie loves his owner. And he wants the same thing in return. He is an entertaining snort and snore companion dog with less barking.

French Bulldog has a squashed face with upright bat ears standing with short bowed legs. Doesn’t need much maintenance as he has a short coating. Small dog, usually weights up to 28 pounds is enough or he’ll be overweight, too heavy for small couch potatoes.

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french bulldog temperament - photo By Patryk Kosmider - shutterstock_144147436french bulldog temperament - photo By Patryk Kosmider - shutterstockfrench bulldog temperament - photo By Patryk Kosmider - shutterstock_176994323

A playful but has a relaxed, easygoing personality. Doesn’t bark a lot, French bulldog usually barks when something excites him or just to alert stranger. He is active, he likes playing with people, with things. And he also likes lying rest on the couch as much as he likes playing.

Bred as companions, he is basically a friendly dog. He’s a good companion with children, elderly or other dogs. There might be an exception for everything in this world, but early training or introduction with people, surroundings or other dogs would be a good thing.

He is a clever dog, a freethinker. Also known sometimes as an ignorant and stubborn dog. Which sometimes training him is a challenge. It might be best for him to join class training as soon as he reaches the age that allows him to go outside. So he can meet other people, other dogs or other pets.

 French Bulldog As Pets

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A companion dog loves to spend lots of time with people. You can’t leave him alone in your house for almost all day. More suitable living with owners who usually spent their activity in the house, not many activities that need to left him alone in your backyard often. He likes to play as well as relaxing on the floor or on the couch or anywhere near you.

french bulldog temperament - photo By hedgehog94 - shutterstock_499905433An indoor, air-conditioned environment is best for him. He’s sensitive to extreme weather. The French bulldog is one of the dog breeds that suitable for anyone who lives in an apartment or a house with no large backyard. Sensitive to extreme weather, he is an indoor family member.

And French bulldog doesn’t need much exercise too. With his activities at home and regularly walks 15 – 20 minutes every day should enough to keep him in shape. Take him for a brisk walk in a cool weather in the morning or afternoon.

With his nature as a clever dog and loves attention from his owner, you’ll find yourself laughing watching him with his looks, what he’s doing and what he sounds. The snorts, the snores and maybe many other sounds only he can make.

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