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Are French Bulldogs Good Pets?

Are French Bulldogs Good Pets By Tienuskin - shutterstockAre French bulldogs good pets for you and your family? Knowing whether bulldog will be a good pet or not is important. Moreover, for someone who wants to start making a bulldog as his or her pet, and is a beginner in raising a bulldog. If you are planning to make bulldog as your pet as well, here is a brief answer as well as explanation to that question.

Are French Bulldogs good with kids?

French Bulldogs get along well with kids. They are also not so tiny that they can not reside in a family with a toddler. Nevertheless, no dog should be left alone with a child. It is only common sense to oversee and be sure that neither is currently poking or harassing another.

  1. Bulldog does not belong to vocal dog

The very first fact you need to know about bulldog is that he barks infrequently. In other words, he will be a good companion for people who are sensitive to high volumes. Since he does not make too much noise, he will be suitable to keep in an apartment or even in places with high population density.

  1. Good social

French bulldog loves to meet new people. He will grow happier also when he becomes the center of many people’s attention. Moreover, this type also does not have limited age to play. He can play well with people in all ages. Sometimes, a French bulldog will act silly just to get an attention. Regarding this matter, you need to make sure that their behaviour is still under control. Do not let their misbehaviour stays for the entire time.

  1. The size

If you worry about pet that will make your house in a mess, leave that thought. French bulldog has small body with lack of muscle. They will not cause lots of damage to your house. However, you still need to guard them well when they are playing with your children.

To sum up, French bulldog is one calming element you can have in your house. He is not very excitable or energetic dogs with loud bark, which will disturb you or your neighbours. So, it is a big YES answer to the question of are French bulldogs good pets.

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