How To Take Care Of A Siberian Husky photo By Nataliya Sdobnikova - shutterstock

How To Take Care Of A Siberian Husky

How To Take Care Of A Siberian Husky photo By Nataliya Sdobnikova - shutterstock

For a family to come up planning on having a pet in their house, is not a simple thing to decide. Every pet comes with their unique natures and needs different treatments. So is having a Siberian Husky as their new family member.

If right now you are considering on having a Siberian Husky, hopefully, this article could help you to get you closer to your decision. Hopefully, from this article, you can get an overview of what you and your family are about to experience and what adjustments and preparations will be needed. So, how to take care of a Siberian Husky? Let’s run to it.

Raising A Husky

Bad news for first-time dog owner: you need to reconsider your choice for having a Siberian Husky as your first pet dog. Why? Continue reading, it’s just a suggestion.

Most likely, we need to be prepared at least for these four things if we are about to have a Siberian Husky in our house:

Good containment, high fenced yard. Huskies love to run and they are free-spirit dogs. Better to prevent them from having the chance to break loose. They are also known for digging (and garden artist, they can re-design your beautiful garden. Important info!).

Your house will have lots and lots of hair. Huskies have a double coat and moderate shedding. This is a controllable condition. We can minimize the amount of their shedding.

Groom your Husky and take him to exercise every day. This point emphasizes at the routine and consistency needed to take good care of your Huskies.

Be his pack leader. This is mentally important. As far as he can understand, you and your family are going to be his pack. You will have to be his pack leader.

These four points are put really short in this section. Just as a short description of what we are about to experience by having a Siberian Husky. Are you ready for your Husky?

Husky Dogs Behavior

A Husky’s natures as an intelligent, free-spirit dog and the great runner will precede their need for affection and praise. There is always a potential for a Husky to jump over the fence to experience their instinct for freedom. In my opinion, even for well-trained Huskies. Although he is a friendly dog, and he wants your affection, to interact with you. But when he sees your fence open, he’ll go in a second.

Huskies are an energetic dog and they are full of energy. They have been a sled dog for generations known for their speed and endurance. They will have their best form physically and mentally if they have enough exercise and activities.

He is a pack dog. He lives in a group. And naturally, he will establish his relationship with you hierarchically. You don’t want your Husky to be the pack leader. Not even as an equal companion. You are his pack leader.

Huskies usually are not an easy dog to train, often found to disobey their owner. Many confuse them as signs of stupidity. They are actually an intelligent dog, but they tend to have a mind of their own.

Are Siberian Huskies good with small children?

Generally, Huskies will do well with children. Siberian Huskies are known as a friendly dog. They are friendly to other dogs, to other pets and even to strangers. But always have precautions. For safety, never leave little children alone unsupervised with any dog breeds.

Are Siberian Huskies a good family dog?

They are a good family dog. Siberian Huskies have good-natured with everyone and loyal to their pack or family. They have protective nature for their family and usually don’t show overly suspicious behavior.

We need to ask our self whether our family is the right one for them. If we are unable to provide for their naturally basic needs like routine exercises, stress or anxiety can occur. This condition can inflict more tendency for mischievous behavior like over active or over eating or other mischievous behavior. They will become more like a problem for you than as a pet. And nobody wins, both sides suffer.

Are Siberian Huskies a good family dog - photo By Wasitt Hemwarapornchai - shutterstock

More questions on how to take care of a Siberian Husky:

Are Husky dogs trainable?

Huskies are like any other dog, they can be trained. Huskies are an intelligent dog that has moderately low trainability quotient. It’s because they are relatively resistant to obedience training. Expecting a Husky to have a full attention during your period time of training is pretty challenging. The first 20 weeks of a Husky puppies life is the most critical period for their future development.

(Continue reading to How To Train A Siberian Husky: First Things To Know About)

How To Stop A Husky From Shedding

Huskies Shed. Every dog sheds to replace their old and probably damaged coat with fresh and good quality new coat. For some dogs, they don’t shed much. For Huskies, they have a moderate level of shedding. They have a double coat to protect them from snow and cold weather in their original habitat. They shed more in warmer weather to adapt with the temperature.

So, Huskies sheds can spread all over our house and it’s disturbing. We can’t stop Huskies from shedding. It’s their natural process. But we can minimize their shed from spreading all over our house. We can control them. And so we can have a clean, healthy and beautiful home with a clean, healthy and beautiful Husky in it.

How Much To Feed A Siberian Husky photo By UJ production - shutterstock

How Much To Feed A Siberian Husky

Huskies don’t eat as much as other dog breeds in their size. They are gifted with the ability to conserve energy they use for their activity. For recommendation, about 1.5 – 2 cups of dry food or 1.5 – 2 cans of 12-oz can food for a day may consider being enough for adult Huskies. We can decide the proportional amount of food for each Husky by monitoring their healthy weight for each of their age stages and size.

The important thing in feeding our Huskies is that we give them nutritious food, they like their food and we don’t let them decide how much they like to eat.

Siberian Husky Lifespan

The commitment you are about to take when adopting a Siberian Husky puppy is for about 11 – 14 years. Could be less could be more. You will have to groom him, take him for exercise for almost every day. He will bark, test your patience, accompany you, made you laugh with his clownish behavior.

The Siberian Husky generally doesn’t have any major health problem. They are built by nature to have great physique, agile, fast, intelligent dog. Although they could have some genetic health problem such as eyes problem or hip dysplasia. Genetics factors regarding our Huskies are out of our control. But provide them with food and exercise they needed during their lifetime are very much in our hands.


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