Owning A French Bulldog - photo By hedgehog94 - shutterstock

The Experience Of Owning A French Bulldog

Owning A French Bulldog - photo By Irina Kozorog - shutterstock

Now that you come to this page, you are probably considering about owning a French Bulldog as your pet. It’s a no wonder. French Bulldogs are known as an affectionate, loving dog who needs to have the same thing in return. And many of them are lucky enough being in the family that loves them too.
I have posted earlier about their temperament and about their maintenance and care. Those posts are not like a complete, detail guide, but I hope I can give information about French Bulldog in a more specific way.

While in this section is more about what we could have experienced in owning a French Bulldog…

As a celebrity

Owning A French Bulldog - photo By Syda Productions - shutterstock

He’s a magnet! Don’t be surprised at how many people will come to approach you while you taking your Frenchie in public. Unfortunately, they come for him, not for you in the first place. French Bulldog usually doesn’t have an excessive barking problem. He will bark only to alarm his own or something excites him. It’s you the owner that matter to him. If you’re ok, it’s ok for him too.
No need for letting jealousy create distance between you two. Use it to your advantage, especially if you are still single.

As a good companion

Owning A French Bulldog - photo By hedgehog94 - shutterstock

Put him on your lap. Take him to your bed (he snores). He has a short coating and he doesn’t get too much shedding. Enjoy his company while you’re working at home, he’ll be next to your feet, just be there waiting in a calm way. If you’re doing most of your activities at home, that is exactly just what he wants. And maybe you’ll love him for that.
When you feel you’ve had enough of anything that you’re doing, take a moment stroke him and look at him. He has been entertainingly humorous just by showing his face to you.

As bad as he can be

Owning A French Bulldog - photo By olga korotova - shutterstock

As he can sometimes show stubbornness or ignorant, he has sensitive personality. He might not take it lightly when you scold him with a harsh tone. And if you mean to train him, it might not an effective way. A firm tone or gesture is always good as a stop sign for him. And direct him with encouragement or praise.
He’s a clever dog and he likes praises from you. You can make training them to Do’s and Don’ts an enjoyable experience and beneficial for both of you.

This is only a little information describing owning a French Bulldog experience. Find more information from reputable French Bulldog breeder near you.

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