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Are Pitbull Good Dogs?

red nose pitbull By Natthapot Chantaraviboon - shutterstockAre pitbull good dogs? If you are going to make a pit bull dog as your pet, you might wonder whether it is really a good dog or not, as this dog have a unique face. As you can see, you might ever see a pit bull, which turn to show violent action as they are in a great fear. To get the answer of the previous question, all you need is just reading this article.

Indeed, the ASPCA web site gives the breed an endorsement that could fit a golden retriever. It says, “A well-socialized and well-trained pit bull is one of the most delightful, intelligent, and gentle dogs imaginable.” –

Why are Pit Bulls dangerous?

Due to their history of dog-fighting purposes, pit bulls were selectively bred to obtain a highly dog-aggressive behaviour. This aggression is not only limited to dogs. They are strong fighting dogs. And when a pit bull attacks, the injury inflicted may be catastrophic.

Know their breeder

If you can raise your pit bull in the right way, he actually will not be a dangerous dog. The first one is to make sure whether the pit bull you are going to adopt is from a good breeder or not. Make sure that he comes from a well lineage and choose the one, which comes from a reputable breeder.

Consider more if you raise a child in home

Raising a child might be one more thing to consider, as a child still needs many lessons on how to take care of animals. Even though pit bull also known as a patient dog when he faces a child, it is too risky to let your child to get involved with this animal, as a child might not understand about the boundaries.

Socialize your dog well

For your information, if you do not train your dog well, their true wild character can come out. You can avoid it through proper training. Manage to give the right training since your pit bull is on his early age. When you keep train him well, he will eventually know the appropriate behaviour he should have.

How smart is a pit bull?

Pit bulls, as a group, are intelligent dogs, soft to their owners and relatively easy to train as they are eager to please their owners. With all phases of training, praise is a key element when it comes to the pit bull. Positive methods will work best for training this breed. –

 So, Are Pitbull Good Dogs?

To sum up, for me the answer of the question is, yes.

Yes, they are strong. They were once bred to be aggressive. They have the ability to inflict a catastrophic damage. But, they don’t prey dogs or people, it is not their instinct.

But, if this will be your first pet dog, I recommend that you probably shouldn’t get a Pit Bull. Yes, Pit Bulls are trainable to be good dogs. But, there are probably too many variables that can create a very dangerous situation for you and anyone around the dog.

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