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Are Pitbulls Good Watch Dogs?

For some people who owned a pitbull, they sometimes might think about are pitbulls good watch dogs? If not, may be several people who want to raise pitbull dog often have this type of question pops in their mind. While Pitbulls are loyal to people, they are typically not a good watch dogs. How could it be?

How they are bred

For the first reason is the aim behind the breeding of this type. Pitbull is actually never bred to be a guardian. A friend for life? Yes. But not a watch dog. They loyal to their master but they also love and friendly to people. Not a good criteria for a good watch dog.

tricolor american bully By David Robert Perez - shutterstockPitbull is not a territorial animal

The second reason you need to know is that pitbull is not a type of animal, who cares so much about his or her territory. They do not have the urge to protect the place they are living, or to feel threatened when there is a newcomer at the place they used to live.

Pitbull is not a aggressive to human

Other important reason is that this type of dog is only suitable to be human’s pet. Pitbull does not have aggressive character in nature. It will not be effective to use this dog to watch over your house in the night.

Pitbull’s possessiveness

For the last reason, pitbull actually does not show great possessiveness to the things they have. Therefore, even though you kept him for years, he will not think that he needs to do anything to protect the house, as what a watch dog might think.

For a little suggestion, if you insist of have a guard dog, it might be better to keep a Lhasa Apso. In nature, they bred to have well territorial as well as alarming mind when they sense something unnatural. So, are pitbulls good watch dogs? Actually, not the best option.

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