prevent ticks on dogs - photo By Kzenon - shutterstock

How Do You Prevent Ticks On Dogs And Treat It

prevent ticks on dogs - photo By Kzenon - shutterstock

How do you protect your dog from ticks? Prevent Ticks On Dogs

Use a flea and tick control product. Despite all your efforts to eliminate or to reduce the ticks in your house or yard, your dog may still be exposed to ticks. Using this product can help to prevent your dog from unexpected ticks sources.

Check your dog for ticks daily. Especially after your dog has spent their time outdoors.

Immediately remove ticks right away if you find one on your dog or anywhere in your house.

Whenever you go to your vet, ask your vet to conduct a tick check.

Reduce ticks habitat in your house and in your yard.

How do you get rid of ticks and prevent ticks on dogs

If you find a tick attached on your dog’s skin, use a pair of tweezers to grasp the head and remove it from your dog.

Remove the tick slowly and steadily. Don’t yank the tick away too quickly. If not careful, you might leave part of the tick’s mouth behind. This can cause an infection.

Apply some disinfectant around the bitten skin area of your dog.

Kill the tick by putting it into alcohol.

Always clean your hands and the tools you use to remove the tick. And never crush a tick using your fingers, there is a risk of contracting Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases.

How do you kill ticks in your house?

Wash and clean everything. Including your pets. Bathe your dog with special shampoo for killing fleas and ticks.

Remove any ticks you find anywhere in your house. And kill it.

Wash clothes, linens, towels, bedding and even toys that ticks might be hiding out. Use the hottest water possible.

Clean, vacuum, dust and mop your entire house area. Your floors, carpets, sofas. Dispose the dirt immediately to prevent ticks to house, leaving their larvae.

Spray your house with insecticide, especially in areas where your pets spend a lot of time. Start from the front area of your house and work your way toward another area of your house.

Repeat as necessary.

How to get rid of ticks in the yard

Mow your lawn. Mow it at the proper height reduces ticks hangouts. The proper grass height is 1 – 3 inches. Mow it once every 5 – 7 days. The proper grass height also helps attract two major fleas and ticks predators: spiders and ants.

Avoid over watering your lawn. Fleas and ticks prefer to live in moist environments.

Keep the cleanliness of your yard from garbage and yard debris such as piles of lumber, discarded pots, bricks or stones.

Allow more sunlight to enter your yard. Fleas and ticks like shady and moist environment.

Eliminating, controlling and then preventing fleas and ticks in your house requires a habit of creating and maintaining a clean and healthy environment and lifestyle. This includes all areas of your house and all members of your family, including your pets.

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