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Remember At Least These 4 Things When Buying An Escape Proof Dog Collar

As dog owner we might want to consider having an escape proof dog collar or dog harness. Because for some of us, walking our dog can be a frustrating activities. If we often lose control of our dog and escape from their harness.

Nowadays dog harnesses are usually more recommended than the traditional dog collar. Because they are considered more effective and safer in controlling your dog while we having a walk outside the house.

In case you are in the middle of searching for escape proof dog collar or harness, you might want to consider some of these information.

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Especially if you have a big strong dog. This can be difficult thing to measure. There are many factors that helps with the durability of dog harnesses and not all of us understand. We mention some here, not in depth but we hope can give additional information for your consideration:

  • Fabric material. The strength of the fabric and you might want to consider its flexibility also chaffing and rubbing effect on your dog’s skin.
  • Stitches and the stitches material. Where, how it applied, and how many or how dense the stitches-per-inch to maintain its resilience and durability.
  • Pull points. Is it divided into several points? To divide the pressure when your dog is pulling. And automatically might have effects to reduce the chances for choking your dog. Are the pull points double reinforced? To ensure the strength of the harness to stand up to a pulling dog.

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If your dog resists or fights their way every time you put the harness on, comfort might be the cause. This factor might include:

  • Fabric material. Is the fabric too stiff? Is it flexible enough? Or maybe the material causing chaffing or rubbing that irritates your dog.
  • The size. Perhaps it is not the right size. This can also causing irritation to your dog’s skin.
  • Simple, easy to use and easy to clean. This one is closely related to your comfort besides the dog’s.

Product’s Review

This is the one important aspect we all should be aware of. We can have so much information from the product review. Because it is based from experiences of the buyers. Often times we can find cases that we have never thought about before. And it happen to be an important aspect for us.

For example, we might have found the dog collar or harness that are met our requirements. But after we read the product review, the harness largest size might not be an enough size for our big size dog. That would be an important information.

escape proof dog collar - photo by pexels-photoThe Functions

How will the harness helps you and your dog?

Some harness help to stop the dog from pulling so much.

Some harness or dog collar design make pressure to the neck when the owner trying to pull it. Some work great by tightening gently to the dog’s chest. And somehow creates pressure to make the dog to relax and slow down when the dog is moving forward.

We don’t need to mention about the fashion aspect, don’t we? Instinctively, we want the escape proof dog collar looks good on our dog. And, also match our style.

If you have information to add, please fill in the comment section of this post. Thank you!

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