Ringworm Treatment For Dogs - french bulldog bath By Liliya Kulianionak - shutterstock

Ringworm Treatment For Dogs And Tips To Prevent It From Spreading

Ringworm Treatment For Dogs - french bulldog bath By Liliya Kulianionak - shutterstock

What does a ringworm look like on a dog?

General symptoms of ringworm.

Ringworm causes lesions that typically appear on a dog’s ear, head, paws, or forelimbs. This wound can cause crusted bald spots and sometimes with red looking wound in the center.

In some cases ringworm can spread over on most of a dog’s body.

How does a ringworm start?

Ringworm is actually not a worm. It is actually caused by a type of fungi, called dermatophytes. Dermatophytes lives on keratin, a tough and waterproof tissue found in some parts of the body, such as skin, hair and nails.

Can you give your dog ringworm?

Ringworm can spread from animal to animal,

Human to animal and vice versa,

Human, animal contacted to objects that have traces of fungi, such as linen, clothes or comb

Soil to human or animal.

How do I treat ringworm?


If your dog is showing any signs of a skin problem, in this case ringworm, it is important to see your vet for accurate diagnosis.

Your vet will examine your dog’s hairs under microscope or take a sample of the infected area.

Ringworm Treatment For Dogs

Depends on the severity of the infection, your vet may prescribe a medicated shampoo, ointment or something like a lime sulfur dip to kill the fungus.

For severe cases, a topical or oral treatment may be needed. The time period for the lesions begin to heal is about one to three weeks.

How long does it take for a ringworm to heal?

It is important to have your vet to diagnose your dog to ensure he is cured. Even though your dog’s skin lesions may have cleared, this doesn’t always mean your dog is no longer infected. He might not fully cured and can still infect other animals or persons.

How do you keep ringworm from spreading?

This is important because ringworm fungus is difficult to kill. It can live in your environment for months.

  • As soon as your dog or someone in your family has ringworm, use these tips to prevent it from spreading:
  • Don’t share personal items, such as towels, linen, clothes or comb
  • Everyone in your house should check themselves for signs of infection and get treatment
  • Everyone should pay attention to self-hygiene, such as frequently wash hands
  • To prevent ringworm spreading to other parts of the body, the infected must not scratch the affected areas
  • Use medicated or antifungal shampoo for the infected

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