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How to Stop a Puppy from Digging By Sbolotova - shutterstock 0

Tips on How to Stop a Puppy from Digging

How to stop a puppy from digging? Well, it can be very annoying and destructive when your puppy starts digging. It can be stopped once the cause of behavior is found. Other than that,...

6 Weeks Old Pitbull Puppy 0

Adopting 6 Weeks Old Pitbull Puppy

6 week old pitbull puppy is ready to be adopted. They have been ready to be put away and far away from their mother. We can start to feed them separately from their mother. They...

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All about 2 Weeks Old Pitbull Puppy

2 weeks old pitbull puppy is not ready yet for being adopted. It is the early period in which the pitbull puppies is starting to open their eyes. The 2 week old puppies still need...