How to Put On a Puppy Harness by pexels

Tips on How to Put On a Puppy Harness

How to Put On a Puppy Harness by pexels

How to put on a puppy harness is really depends on the kind of style that you prefer. There are few different styles of it. These styles offers you different benefits when training your dog along with the comfortable point for your pet.

There are certain guidelines and different steps to put on the harness depend on the style.

Why the fog needs harness

Every dog’s parents put dog harness with different reason. Dog harness will be suitable for dogs with certain medical condition like enlarged esophagus or dogs with injury on the neck. A dog harness would not put any pressure on the neck though.

Type of puppy harness

First, the easiest style is called back-lip. This style will be suitable for dogs who have calm personality and also been well-trained. Why? So these dogs will not pull the leash. It will give a lot of benefits for dogs that have sensitive skin.

Second, is training harness or front clip. This harness will put the leash attachment right in front of the harness. The leash should be right in the center of chest. So, this attachment will prevent the dog to pull on the harness as well.

Next, a step-in harness. A step-in is a style of harness that will put the step of your dog close to the back. Well, I think it is the comfortable wrap.

Vest harness is another option for your dog. It is made of mesh material with various patterns and colors as well. You simply just need to put them on your dog. Just like a vest. Another way is the dog may be asked to step on it.

No-pull harness is almost like the training harness. The clip of the harness will be put on the center of the dog’s chest. In this way, once the dog tried to pull, then the harness will be tightened on the chest. And, there are also available options for harness that will tighten on the leg area instead of their chest. So, this is the end of article about how to put on a puppy harness.

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