What To Know About English Bulldogs By Lunja - shutterstock

Finding the Best What To Know About English Bulldogs

What To Know About English Bulldogs By Lunja - shutterstock

What Were English Bulldogs Bred For?

Today’s English Bulldog comes to have a very different character than their ancestors. Long ago, they were bred to become a proficient fighter in a Bulldog fight game. Today, they didn’t achieve its more vicious characteristics until it arrived in Great Britain. The strain was lasted when the bull baiting game was prohibited. Though a lot more docile English Bulldog among the puppies were favored and bred.

English Bulldog Characteristics or Traits

English Bulldog Temperament

Funny, friendly, outgoing and obedient. The English Bulldog is a friendly dog and very good with children and strangers. He remains friendly, but its behaviors can vary from playful and silly to thoughtful or almost meditative. Some English Bulldogs are so friendly it’s impossible for them to fulfill a guard dog duty.

Typically, they are effectively on the watch and can be relied on to provide a frightening alarm for unwanted intruders.

He is also has obedient temperament. His social nature companion dog requires human interaction and attention for their happiness.

The English Bulldog can also be rather strong willed and tenacious. Training for obedience and proper “manners” is very important or the end effect will be frustration in both the man and the dog. In many cases this breed requires an owner who knows how to show proper consistent leadership.

English Bulldog Behavior

He tries to get your attention. He digs since he smells something underneath the dirt. Chase after objects since dogs have been bred that way. Dogs may become aggressive in an attempt to safeguard you or themselves.

Most English Bulldogs love chewing. They chew everything they discover on the floor or in the home. This habit can be dangerous for both you and your doggy. You’ll need close supervision and a great deal of patience.

People often complain that their dogs beg for food. According to dog experts, the best way to stop it is to not let it occur. Never feed your dog when you’re at the table. It’s much better to set your dog in a different room as you’re experiencing a meal otherwise your dog will begin jumping, barking and will even attempt to steal the food from the table.

Many times the dogs are displaying these behaviors because they are being ignored, neglected, or simply haven’t been trained by their masters.

English Bulldog Biting

It is a puppy’s way to learn all about its environment by chewing. Sometimes, he might also take your hand as his target while exploring. English Bulldog mouths have strong bite, even as puppies and they can hurt you unintentionally. For your English Bulldog puppy to become a well-behaved grown up, he must learn to control his biting behavior.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways for that, to teach your bulldog puppy not to bite you or others. Biting is actually a normal behavior of dogs. They required to do that in some condition. Sometimes this act as their hand to carry things. Sometimes they are biting or chewing as a natural behavior that can help to clean their teeth.

However, aggressiveness is a big problem. We might need a help from an expert and require some period of time for rehabilitation. This behavior problem can be caused by many reasons and need to be diagnosed on site by an expert.

(You might want to take a look at How To Deal With An Aggressive Dog article)

English Bulldog Health Problems

Much like people, dogs need careful attention to their own physical – emotional demands and to their own diet. Their owners will need to know about the regular health conditions in addition to be looking out for any sudden physiological alterations. So that they can stay joyful, effective, and have long lives.

This section provides different hints and ideas on general healthcare, medical conditions and what they imply, and alarms on immediate health issues.

“Scientists warn about health of English bulldog: According to new research it could be difficult to improve the health of the English bulldog, one of the world’s unhealthiest dog breeds, from within its existing gene pool.” – www.sciencedaily.com

Some Of The Common English Bulldogs Health Problem:

Why Do Bulldogs Have A Hard Time Breathing

Bulldogs are known as “brachycephalic” breeds or “short-nosed” breeds. With this condition, they have less cooling mechanism and air transfer. This can cause them to become easier to get over the heating condition, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

You need to have prepared for this potential English Bulldog breathing problem. It is better you already have an experienced vet as a preparation with this Bulldog’s condition. A preparation done from the early day you have a Bulldog. The reason is because brachycephalic dog has different breathing anatomy than other dogs. This can be tricky and need treatment from an experienced vet.

English Bulldog Yeast Infection

Pets with excessive skin folds, such as English Bulldogs, are at risk for this infection. Yeast dermatitis is a somewhat typical inflammatory skin illness in pets. The problem is due to overgrowth of the Malassezia species of yeast. This overgrowth Malassezia can be regular inhabitants of the skin, ears, along with mucocutaneous places.

Yeast infections are especially common in warm, humid environments. The infections happen when the yeast reproduces uncontrollably, overpopulating and threatening the regions in which it normally resides. Normally this will occur whenever your pet’s immune system becomes compromised. This could also occur because of powerful immunosuppressive drugs are used.

The Symptoms of Yeast Infection

The symptoms usually are intense itchiness, skin irritation. It could also like inflammation around dogs ears, between the paw pads and digits, and on the nasal folds, rectal region, armpits, and neck. Skin redness, sores, and sticky discharge tend to be secondary to yeast contamination. In addition to rancid skin, greasy coat and/or baldness are also often seen.

When occurring around ears, yeast infections can lead to yellow green color with the musty smelling release.

English Bulldog Skin Problems

Illness due to the rubbing of skin and trapping of moisture from the tail, lip and facial folds. You should dry and clean your Bulldog’s wrinkles often to prevent bacterial growth.

Bacterial growth might cause pyoderma (bacterial Skin disease). Skin care psoriasis are easily identified as bald (alopecia), reddened, and poor odor areas of folded wrinkles or skin.

English Bulldog Dry Skin

“Dry skin is a symptom associated with a wide range of conditions, from allergies and parasites to serious medical disorders like Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism.” – Anna Burke’s post on www.akc.org

We need to diagnose the cause to treat a dry skin problem. The symptoms of this dry skin can include itchiness, flaking, pimples, inflammation, odour and oiliness. It is always a best step to include consulting your Veterinarian for diagnosis and advice.

However, we can prevent our dog from these problems by creating a clean and healthy life. This includes regular check-up with a veterinarian. So if any symptoms occur, we can immediately treat the problem before it gets worse.

English Bulldog Skin Bumps

Skin bumps is solid bumps appearance on the surface of the skin without liquid within. The causes of these bumps can be as follows (taken from www.petmd.com):

  • Superficial and deep bacterial infection of hair follicles
  • Fungal infection of the hair follicles
  • Ringworm
  • Sebaceous (oil) gland inflammation
  • Acne
  • Mange
  • Nematode infection
  • Bodily cells crowding into the skin
  • Reaction to sunlight
  • Neoplasia (abnormal tissue growth)

“The diagnosis for this skin problem could be a thorough diagnosis over your dog’s history of health, activity, daily environment condition and followed with some tests.” (Skin Bumps (Papulonodular Dermatosis) In Dogs – www.petmd.com)

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