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All about 2 Weeks Old Pitbull Puppy

2 weeks old pitbull puppy is not ready yet for being adopted. It is the early period in which the pitbull puppies is starting to open their eyes.

The 2 week old puppies still need to sleep in the whole day. Most of their time is used for sleep. It is around 90 percent of their time is for sleeping. Sometimes, they will wake up and open the eyes. But, it is only a few minutes for getting nursing from their mom. 2 weeks old pitbull babies still get the milk from their mom which is called colostrum. Colostrum is rich of vitamins which help the puppies grow better.

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What kind of activities that 2 weeks old puppy do?

Well, the pitbull babies on this age cannot do anything yet, except nursing, sleeping, opening their eyes and paddling their front legs. They cannot do the more advance motion like crawling, walking and even jumping.

The whole day for this early old puppies is used for sleeping and nursing.


How is the care for 2 week old pitbull puppies?

It is better to put the puppies stay close to their mother. They still need the warmth from their mother’s body. Also, they need to nurse the milk from their mother. They can use their sense to know everything around them. Especially, they use their sense to smell and detect their mother. Then, don’t ever put the 2 weeks old puppies outside because it is too risky for their health. They are still very vulnerable to outdoor environment. We need to protect them from getting cold from the outside wind and even rain.

Then, the puppies have the big risk to get the worm infections. It is better to prevent the infection by giving them the worm medicine. It is used to kill and prevent the growth of worm inside the puppy’s’ body. Because the worm which stay and infect the puppies can cause any health problems for 2 week old pitbull puppy.

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