English Bulldog Skin Problems By Arnon PT - shutterstock

Allergies; English Bulldog Skin Problems

English Bulldog Skin Problems By Arnon PT - shutterstock

English Bulldog skin problems is one common worrisome thing when someone raises a bulldog. Among all of the skin problems, allergies seem to be the most common problem faced by many bulldog owners. I this article, we will only narrow the topic on bulldog’s skin allergies.

How to know the type of allergies in your English Bulldog’s skin

The most secure as well as trusted to know whether your English Bulldog is having allergies or not is indeed by asking your veterinarian. Usually, a vet will then perform an allergy test to diagnose the intradermal skin. The procedure is actually quite similar to what human have. There are several types of allergy tests. In general, the skin test proven to have greater accurate result compared to what blood test has. However, it also comes in cost that is more expensive.

Seasonal and environmental allergies

For every English bulldog in the world, the seasonal allergies seem to be the most common type of allergies they have. It is because this allergy triggered by anything in the house as well as outside the house. It can be from grasses, cleaning materials, pollens, wool, molds, cottons, dust, and many more. If you have your English Bulldog in skin allergies right after you introduced him in a new environment, examine any new things there. When you know the type of things cause the allergies, remove it right away and do not let your English Bulldog to suffer for more.

Food allergies

Another common allergy in bulldog’s skin caused by the foods they consume. Some foods, which often caused skin allergies, are grains, specific kind of meat or fish, soy, potatoes, as well as corn. Bulldog, who suffer from this allergy often have itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting, or breathing difficulties. If your dog is in this condition, it means that you may need to change the diet menu if you do not want to cause further English Bulldog skin problems.

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