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The Art of Doggery: Taking Care of Husky Puppies

Taking care of Husky puppies can be pretty hard if you are inexperienced in the world of puppy training. They are independent, naughty, and VERY active. You need dedication and the right mentality to have them obey you, and inexperienced trainer find Husky too tough for them. With Huskies, persistence is well rewarded. So you had better have it before you continue reading this article.

If you think you have persistence and you are willing to get into it, then be prepared to enjoy it. This article here will try to add you with information regarding your Husky puppy.

Siberian Husky puppy outdoors 1 photo By Sbolotova - shutterstockThe first point that you should consider in training a Husky

You should know that every dog is very systematic. By systematic, I mean that the basic of teaching a dog is easily readable and would not defy any logic. Once we know the common natures of dogs. You give the puppy reward when they did something good and they would do that good thing again. Because instinctively they know, if they do that, they would be given a treat.

It is natural, any creatures love snacks or treats or compliments.

So first, you have to create a rewarding mind-set and you must be patient. Some dogs would not be responding as smart as other dogs. And if you find yourself into that kind of situation, you need to adjust your expectation and accept the situation you are dealing with. There must be something more than just our pets “level of intelligence” that make us love them. And often case, in dealing with Huskies, they actually smart. But they tend to have this independent mind of their own.

Be rewarding and you will be rewarded, as simple as that.

Second thing in taking care of Husky puppies is its health

Huskies are a healthy breed, but that does not mean they are not immune to diseases. You need to constantly keep watch of their health. If your Husky is starting to get less and less active, that is the moment you should bring the pup to a veterinarian.

They are not that susceptible to diseases, but their eyes are the area that is often ‘attacked’. Keep their eyes healthy and always check them if you start to notice something odd in them. Paranoia is always better than having a blind dog.

The third is exercise

Huskies are much active breed then most other dog breeds. They have a history as a working dog as sled dog. They came from a tradition of running in long range, for hours probably a day or more in extreme weather condition. Genetically they are made to be a long runner.

This is essential need for Huskies even when they are still a puppy. Exercise has great impact for the mental health of a Husky. Its important to prioritise their need for exercise from they are still at puppies age. This will really help shaping their positive behaviour or mental health.

Be rewarding and you will be rewarded, as simple as that

That is all to it, I think. One more thing you should know about taking care of Husky puppies is that you cannot make your puppy obedient in a day or two; its a journey. Enjoy, make it a great one and wish for the best.

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