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Boston Terrier Information Facts To Answer Your Questions About Them

Boston Terrier Information Facts - photo by annette shaff - shutterstock

Is a Boston Terrier the right pet for my family?

Are my family going to be the right family for a Boston Terrier?

These are important questions to ask before we decide to have a Boston Terrier as our family pet.

And helpful too.

We are trying to help you to answer those questions by providing Boston Terrier information facts for you. The true answers are objective and honest answers. If the answers are yes, you and your Boston Terrier are more likely to have great experiences together.

If one of the answer is no (for current condition) you might want to reconsider. Maybe you just need a few little adjustments.

The Boston Terriers are great family pets. But each breed, has their own typical needs and traits, including the Boston Terriers. And so does each of you and your family.

What Are Boston Terriers Bred For?

The Boston Terrier was originally bred to be a fighting dog. Present day Boston Terriers are more lovers than fighters. Undesirable traits have been bred out to compliment the qualities we treasure in our best friends today. They are indoor dogs that do not tolerate extreme weather conditions such as frigid temps or high heat. Due to their popularity in their infancy in Boston, many realized their great worth as companions and a much brighter future path was developed…

… Today the Boston Terrier appears to be making a major comeback in the USA. They are starring in numerous commercials, paper ads and adorning clothing, backpacks and toys. Besides being excellent companions and competing in dog shows, Boston Terriers are excelling in many other areas. Fly Ball, agility trials, Pet Therapy and Service Dogs are just a few examples of the versatility of this breed. With their intelligence and great dispositions, the world is their

Boston Terrier Information Facts - photo by annette shaff - shutterstock

This breed is nicknamed the American gentleman among dogs because of his characteristically gentle disposition. The breed is a true American creation, resulting from a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier. About 1870 William O’Brien of Boston sold an imported dog named “Judge” to Robert C. Hooper, also of Boston.

This dog was commonly known as “Hooper’s Judge” and became the ancestor of almost all true modern Boston Terriers. He was mated to a white bitch owned by Edward Burnett named “Gyp” or “Kate”. From that mating descended a dog named “Wells’ Eph” who was bred to a bitch named “Tobin’s Kate”. The Boston Terrier as a breed evolved from these dogs.

In 1889 about thirty fanciers in and around Boston organized what was known as the American Bull Terrier Club. They were showing dogs name as Round Heads or Bull Terriers. As time went on, these people met with considerable opposition from Bull Terrier and Bulldog fanciers who objected to the similarity of breed name, as they said this new breed was quite unlike their own.

As this breed was in its infancy, the AKC was not yet convinced that the breed would breed true to type. The new breed’s supporters would not be dissuaded, however, and they established the Boston Terrier Club of America in 1891, changing the name of the breed from Round Heads or Bull Terriers, to Boston Terriers, taking the name of the city where the breed originated. The American Kennel Club admitted the breed to the Stud Book in 1893.

The Boston Terrier is not a fighter, but is able to take care of himself. As a companion and house pet, he is eminently

Full Breed Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has a square-looking head with erect ears and a slightly arched neck. Its body is compactly built, and well-proportioned. Typically has wrinkle-free and short muzzle, with an even or a slightly undershot bite. A Broad chest and short tail.

Boston Terrier shedding: Minimal

Boston Terrier Standard Colors (UKC):

  • Black and white
  • Black brindle and white
  • Brindle and white
  • Seal and white
  • Seal brindle and white

Lifespan Of Boston Terrier: 13 – 15 years

How many days is a Boston Terrier pregnant: Normal period between 54 – 72 days

How Many Puppies Can A Boston Terrier Have: 4 – 7 pups

Boston Terrier size:

  • Weigh no more than 25 lbs (11 kg)
  • Generally stand around 15-17 inches at the withers

Boston Terrier temperament

I can imagine you two exchanging kisses to each other. That’s a Boston Terrier.

Lively, intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. They are good companion for people, for children, for senior citizen. Of course, it is best to never leave your little children unsupervised with any dog.

Are Boston Terriers good with other dogs

They usually don’t have any problem with other dogs. They like playing with others, friendly and active. It’s contagious, sometimes. They are good.

Are Boston Terriers aggressive dogs

No. They are easy going, non-aggressive dog. It doesn’t sound like them to be aggressive. Even though every dog has their own unique temperament. But, if you find an aggressive one, chances are he has a problem in the past experience.

I Want A Boston Terrier

Can you take care of them? You know, a dog can have a really good life with the right owner. Who knows how to treat them. Know their needs, and know how to lead them, to direct them. These things need commitment. And I mean long term.

Will you be ready for that? The owner and the Boston Terrier will have great experience together. Creating a great companionship with each other.

Is a Boston Terrier the right pet for my family?

Are my family going to be the right family for a Boston Terrier?

This is a question needed for an honest and objective answer. Some of you might still have some trouble in answering those questions. But the answer to this question will be beneficial for you, your family and the dog.

That’s, ok, really. Because for every pet you are about to take, you will need considerations. Also planning, and a few adjustments.

Be patient. Ask around. Hear (or read) others experience or visit the reputable Boston Terrier breeder you are about to visit. When it comes to the Boston Terrier, of course breeders are one of the most experienced.

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