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Cute and Cozy Unique Dog Crates

Unique dog crates 300 x 450

Dog Crate and Bedside Table

When I was surfing the internet I found these unique dog crates pictures. I think I just mention them in my post here and provided some of them with link to the sites where I found the pictures.

These links are not affiliate links. I do not receive any compensation from this link I provided. I just think these are good ideas and information worth sharing.

Dog Crate and Bedside Table

Can you find where is the dog crate?

This is an idea from www.ikeahackers.net. A crate that doesn’t appear as a crate. In fact, for those of you who don’t like the appearance of a crate in the space of your house, this can be a solution. This idea can work really well with the decoration in your room.

Alumunium Dog Crate

Alumunium Dog Crate

This one also suitable as a side table or mini round table. With the round design, this looks better to be placed in a more central position, not in a cornering position.

I think it’s made of alumunium or perhaps other material also available. I got this picture from www.coolpooches.com, just have a visit if you want to find more detail information.

Modern Wire Dog Crate and Crate CoverModern Wire Dog Crate and Crate Cover

This one is really is a crate looking crate. Only not in a conventional square shape. And it has fashionable crate cover. While the two previous crates are designed to be well blended only in indoor (I think), this one can be used indoor or outdoor.

I got this picture from www.trendir.com

Let’s see more pictures of these unique dog crates below. Hope this might inspire you!

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