how to stop my dog from barking By Javier Brosch - shutterstock

3 Keys On How To Stop My Dog From Barking And Control It

how to stop my dog from barking By Javier Brosch - shutterstock

Do bark collars really work?

Bark collars work. There are types of bark collars. In my opinion the most successful is bark collars with electric stimulation. Only the dog wearing it will feel the interrupter. While the spray or noise bark collar can be triggered by other dogs barking near the dog wearing the collar.

But shock collars have potential to irritate and inflame dog’s neck.

The electric stimulation can range from mild tickling sensation to a painful shock. There is a great chance for abuse or misuse with using these collars.

Are no bark collars cruel?

I personally don’t use bark collars. Although it can help to control excessive barking behavior. This is just a tool, but still not address the root problem that caused dogs from barking.

And all dogs bark. The problem is not always the barking. The problem is we have the need for our dogs to not bark at certain time.

Dogs bark some for good reason. Some for no reason or we don’t understand the reason. Some just what we consider dogs with barking problems.

Although bark collars can help control dogs from barking, it still doesn’t overcome the stress that causes the dog from barking. Perhaps it can even cause the dogs to feel more stressed.

Why do dogs bark at you?

Dogs bark for many reasons. One thing for sure is that it’s one of the type of communication that dogs use. Usually they communicate these things:

Territorial protection

Dogs establish territory in an area where they live. They identify their pack. When someone or animal outside their pack enters the territory, they will send an alert by barking. Some dogs might have their aggressive mode ON during this type of barking.

They will depend on their pack leader to overcome their aggressive behavior. Which is supposed to be you.

Signal of warning

This happens when dogs identify potential threats or objects that need attention. This can happen anywhere, not just in their territory. They warn the threat or object and signal the alarm about the situation to their pack.

They stop barking when they know the threat is no longer there or they understand their pack leader has overcome the situation.

Signal of attention

Dogs sometimes ask you to do something with barking. They ask you to continue playing. They ask for food or toys you held in your hands. Or they are just simply barking for your attention.

Expressions of feeling

They express their excitement, their fear, their anxiety or many other feelings with barking. You can identify their feeling with other symptoms that comes with their bark. They might exhibit signs of anxiety, depression or boredom.

3 Keys On How To Stop My Dog From Barking And Control It


Dogs need activities. They are active and energetic. They need to express it. Simple exercise like a walk or play is enough for some dogs. Other dogs with higher levels of energy might need more and frequent exercise.

These activities also create a bond between you and your dog. Each activity can make you understand your dog and have your leadership continually established. Activities and interaction can really help dogs with their physical and mental health.

Healthy dogs are great companion, a great pack member.

Leadership: Discipline and Affection

Dogs have a need for a leadership. Dogs are pack animals and there is always a leader in their pack. A pack leader who knows how to provide their needs.

And since they are a member of your pack, they need to follow your rules. You will have to take the role as their pack leader and communicate your rules to them, guide them.

Control and Correct

This applies to you and your dog. You won’t be able to make a correction to your dog behavior problem if you are not controlling yourself first. If you are frustrated, believe it or not, your dog will be frustrated too.

Tell your dog to stop barking. Create a language for your dog to understand using your voice, look or hand sign to correct your dog behavior.

Accept your dog’s condition. There is a chance that your dog might have physically calm, but not with his mind. He’s just pausing. He might go right back to what he was doing. Be patient. And be consistent with your patience.

Dedicate yourself and focus with this problem. You’ll find a way. Create your calm, assertive energy territory for your dog when he is with you. Your dog should have understood what you are telling him. This time, make your dog to trust you with what you are telling him.

If you tell him to stop barking, your dog will understand that it means there’s really no reason to bark. You are in control. Your dog trusts you.

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