Keep Dogs From Chewing

Important! How To Keep Dogs From Chewing Wrong Stuff And Why

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Actually it is impossible to keep dogs from chewing. It is their nature to chew. Their way to explore or play on objects. They need to chew. It is what they chew is the problem. We should direct them to chew objects that are safe and proper for their safety, our safety and their easy target: our stuff.

To keep dogs from chewing, it might be better if we understand a few things..

Why they do that…

  • They are still puppies

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Puppies find their new world filled with many interesting objects. One of the ways to explore them is by putting them in their mouth and chew them, play them or even eat them. And at the same time, their teeth grow in about six months period of their early age. They experiencing discomfort in the teething process. Chewing can help them feel better while they exploring their new world.

  • They still hungry

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This chewing behavior usually towards objects that smell like food for them. They probably trying to find more food or what they associated as something that related to their food. You can adjust their diet or use meat-scented nylon bone.

  • They are active and got bored

    Keep Dogs From Chewing - photo By Grigorita Ko - shutterstock

Dogs need activities. They are pack animal and need interaction. They enjoy playing with you, regular walks or maybe training. One of the ways to keep dogs from chewing is that they need to have enough energy spent. They need to release it. If their need for it is met, they’ll become calmer, resting dogs.

  • They stressed

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Chewing can happen sometimes because they experiencing something that causes stress. You need to identify things that make them uncomfortable. They could be lonely, or they don’t get along well with other dogs or pets

It’s what they do…

Chewing is an actually good activity for dogs. Physically, so they can keep or build the strength of their jaws and clean their teeth. Mentally, chewing relieves their anxiety, it’s a fun thing to do for them. So, dogs need to chew, it is good for them. The problem is what they chew, that is where we need to direct them.

It’s what they chew…

Keep Dogs From Chewing - photo By Steve Carroll - shutterstock

  • Provide chew toys for our dogs. There are many chew toys for puppies and dogs. We can adjust the size of chew toys for our dogs. They should enough to fit their mouth to carry, not too small so they might swallow.
  • Train our dogs so they can identify things that are not allowed to chew. Immediately take the object that isn’t allowed and scold them. Switch it with provided chew object and praise them when they chew it. Supervision needed because immediate action must be taken once your dog starts chewing the wrong object, so they can recognize their fault.
  • Preventive action. Spray all objects that you don’t want your dog to chew with chewing deterrents. Put some objects away from the reach of your dogs.

Seems like you are going to let your dog keep chewing, now. But only on objects that you allow them to, or you (and your dog together) agree on.

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