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Tips On How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs - photo

To keep fleas off dogs, we need to make it as a lifestyle, continuous habits that create a clean and healthy environment for us and our dogs. Because besides on your dogs, fleas and their eggs can inhabit in many areas in your home, indoor, outdoor and even neighbors.
I have mentioned some treatment for fleas on your dogs in a natural way. Here is some addition for us to prevent fleas to keep coming back.

Your Dogs

1. Clean and healthy dogs

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs - photo by Javier Brosch - shutterstock

As we regularly and consistently keeping our dogs clean and healthy, what we are doing is actually also help to get rid of fleas and prevent them from coming back. This includes bathing, grooming and cleaning our dogs and their frequent areas like bed and carpet.
We can add oral medication, topical flea treatments or spot-on medications to prevent fleas from staying on your dog. Always read the labels carefully, consult with your vet and observe if there are any side effect.

2. Put clothing to keep fleas off dogs

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Most dogs don’t mind clothing. This can limit the area where fleas to come attached to our dogs. Especially useful when they are going for outdoor activities.

3. Prevent getting fleas from other pets or dogs

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs - photo by Susan Schmitz - shutterstock

Keep an eye on potential fleas from other pets or dogs. We might not want our dogs to go near to the one we suspect having fleas problem.

Your indoor and outdoor environment

1. Clean your home regularly

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Mop or vacuum your floor, your furniture too. Some parts of your furniture might have cracks that you need to pay attention to because fleas can hide there. Fleas can also still live while in a vacuum bag.

2. Aromatic bag

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Create a bag from a breathable fabric contains material that can prevent fleas from coming. Lemon peel or lavender buds for example. Place the bag at places where your dogs often stay.

3. Clean your yard

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs - photo by Veronika Artisevskaja - shutterstock

Keep your yard clean, your grass short, the place for your dogs do their outdoor activities. Short grass and clean yard limited the living area for fleas. Watering your yard regularly drowns and kills fleas and their egg.

With a clean, healthy dog and a clean, healthy environment makes fleas relatively easier to be detected and treated. Basically, we create an environment and lifestyle that doesn’t support fleas to live and spread in our home.

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