Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - photo by Javier Brosch - shutterstock

4 Simple Home Made Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - photo By ThamKC - shutterstock

If for some consideration you don’t want to use chemical than you might want to look into using natural flea treatment for dogs. Chemical treatment can be an efficient and effective way in dealing with flea for your dogs. But maybe on your case, you might have experienced some unwanted side effects and you look for alternatives to avoid it.
The use of natural materials in flea treatment usually considered to be environmentally friendly, relatively no negative side effects or at least controllable for your dogs and usually it’s a cheaper way. But, sometimes it takes more time for the materials to take effects and can probably need more consistent efforts.

Here are some easy, simple natural flea treatment for dogs you can apply A.S.A.P. :


1. Spray or flea comb your dog every day

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - photo By Kzenon - shutterstock

Use lemon or orange fruit but not recommended to use citrus essential oil. Cut the fruit into slices and we soak them overnight in fresh water, then spray or comb/brush the water to your dog. Don’t waste the fruit just yet, we can refill the water soak for another one night.
Or we can take the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon or orange, then spray or comb/brush the juice to your dog. You might want to use the squeezed fruit for just one time to soak them one night with fresh water so you can use the water for the next day to apply to your dog.

2. Dip in water

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - photo by Javier Brosch - shutterstock

Taking your dog to a bath, at least once a week. But not just washing, we need to get the dog to dip in the water. Just enough water level to cover the body as when your dog in lying position. Fleas will drown and can begin to fall off in the water. Use shampoo, flea shampoo or a little dish soap if that is okay for your dog. Continues with grooming. Drying and combing or brushing to get rid of fleas remaining on your dog.

3. Limit your dog’s area

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - Photo By JStaley401 - shutterstock

When you got fleas on your dog, you might want to limit the area of your dog’s activity immediately. This so you can localize the area you want to focus to clean and to prevent the fleas and their egg to spread. The especially area that contains fabrics and fibers materials.

4. Cleaning up your home and yard

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs - photo By sezer66 - shutterstockThis includes washing your dog’s bed once a week. Wash and vacuum your floor regularly. You might want to clean and store your carpet temporarily while having fleas problem. This can save much work for you in cleaning your house.
Keep your grass short and water your yard every day, especially your dog’s favorite areas. Water drowns and kills fleas and their eggs.

This treatment can be done as continuous habits and lifestyle to create a healthy and clean environment. Making a clean and healthy environment done regularly, fleas and their eggs don’t have much support to

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