Are Pitbulls Dangerous Dogs?

Are Pitbulls Dangerous Dogs?

Are pitbull dangerous dogs is the familiar question which is commonly asked by most people in the world. Yes, Pitbull like any other dog can be dangerous. Especially with their big and strong body. And their appearance with wrinkle and scary face make pitbull looks very dangerous.

But, let’s have a look what many people or owners of Pitbulls said about their general characteristics. Many said otherwise than what we often hear on the news or media.

1. Pitbull is a lovely

The pitbull’s body might not describe about this characteristic. Pitbull is a lovely dog. They like to stay in the middle of a family. They love children and they can be the good companion for you. People can choose pitbull as the right pet on their house.

2. Pitbull is a loyal

Pitbull always keep the close people safe from any destruction. They are loyal to the master and they can be the one who keep a home safe.

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Pitbull is not dangerous, why?

1. Pitbull love the family and even children

Healthy Pitbulls are friendly and loving. Physically and mentally healthy dog are not a danger for people. Every dog. But that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of dog attack. Especially with children. Never leave your children unsupervised. That rule goes for every situation and condition.

Yes, you don’t need to be too worry to take this dog and put him beside your children. They can be the good companion for the children. In fact, they are known affectionate dog, with children too.

But, leaving a child and a dog alone? That’s never a wise thing.

2. Pitbull can be the good dog to be ask to go out

They can be calm and quiet when walking on the park and even garden. Pitbull is so calm, many people feel okay to take them in the public area. They are well known as an easygoing dog. And this activity also good for the pitbull and us the owner. We can practice the interaction between we and our dog with the environment out there. Socialising is practising.

3. Pitbull will not be dangerous if they are trained well

This is one of the key to every dog. Wrong training or treatment can make any dog has behavior “malfunction”. They can be aggressive. Any aggressive dogs are dangerous. Even a small dog. And Pitbull, with their strength and muscle, can cause fatal damage.

Some people train their dog to be a watch dog. But, in some cases they can confuse between a watch dog and an attack dog. Pitbulls are not the best watch dog, I heard and read about this many times. But, Pitbulls are very dangerous attack dog. They are so strong and fast.

4. They can be socialized

Pitbulls, like every other dog are good to be put on the new situation and even new environment. They can be so nice on the environment that they have known before. The more they got used to engaging with new environment, the more comfortable they are. Just like us! Not every one of us naturally like meeting new people, go into new environment. But, if we continually, regularly being in that situation, at some point it doesn’t really a matter anymore. In fact, we can enjoy it.

So, after knowing about the characteristic of pitbull and the proofs, I am sure that you can conclude the answer. Yes, Pitbull is dangerous. But it’s the same with every dog that mistreated.

Basically Pitbulls are loving, loyal dog. They love people. That’s why Pitbulls are known as not a good watch dog.

Well, they only looks scary on their body and face. But, they have the nice characteristic inside. So, you have get the answer right about are pitbull dangerous dogs.

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