Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive By WilleeCole Photography - shutterstock

Reasons Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive

Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive By WilleeCole Photography - shutterstock

Many people are wondering Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive.  The English bulldogs are the most popular and loved recently. The initial cost that you need to spend to buy the English bulldogs is about $1.500 to $4.000.  There are many factors that make these English bulldogs so expensive. This situation is not only for the buyer, but also for the breeder. The primary reason from this costly is because it is not easy for breed this English bulldogs.

Can Bulldogs have a natural birth?

First, the English bulldogs are really needed too much cost for the breeder and keep the puppies maintenance. The English bulldogs require C-section for delivered the puppies. This is because the vaginal birth has too much risk for the mommy. one of the reason is because the head from the puppies are too big to make birth canal through. When the puppy is stuck, this will result death.

The C-section itself cost about $2000 when it done by the professional doctor. Then, the regular visits to veterinarian. This is for checking the pregnancy. This is also a cost. A cost that will make the end-price for the buyer from English bulldogs so expensive.

Second, it need much time to control the mommy and the puppies. The mommy are unable to left with the puppies alone without supervision. Because in many cases, the mommy can step out the puppies in that way and can kill the puppies. In addition, the new puppies are also need to be supervised. This is so much important as they are easier to have sickness and death without a proper care.

How much is an English bulldog?

The challenge now comes up with the care for the English bulldog. The food cost about $20-$50/month, crate about $120, treats about $10-$30 / month, the grooming supply and many more cost. Those are costs that breeder need to spend for the English bulldogs. The English bulldogs are not breed that want quick money for raise dogs. The breed needs a lot of time and cost much money for the proper care.

Understanding this situation, hopefully that now we have a little picture of Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive.

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