How to Stop a Puppy from Digging By Sbolotova - shutterstock

Tips on How to Stop a Puppy from Digging

How to Stop a Puppy from Digging By Sbolotova - shutterstock

How to stop a puppy from digging? Well, it can be very annoying and destructive when your puppy starts digging. It can be stopped once the cause of behavior is found. Other than that, that kind of habit can be fixed if you train them as well. Since they are still puppy, it seems like their behavior can be adjusted easily. Earlier is better.

Training specific behavior of digging

Some dogs dig for fun only. But if the digging is coming along with another playing behavior like jumping and running around then you may need to offer the puppy to dig certain area only. Once they did it then you can give treat to them. Other than that, make sure that your puppy is comfortable with their environment. It is also important to prevent them from burying their toys.

You need to make sure that your puppy is not too bored or having anxiety problem. Because the boredom and anxiety can lead to such this behavior. This thing can also happen if your puppy saw the prey animal and they imitate the behavior of prey animals.

Making digging pit for dog

You may prepare certain area for the digging location. But you can give them sandbox so they can practice their digging instinct without have to use your yard. If you make them digging pit, you must encourage them to dig on that dedicated area. But if your puppy still digs on other area then you need give closer attention to them.

Installing fence with dog-proof

Installing fence can prevent your dog from digging on your yard or other particular area. Other than that, it will also makes them stay away from the interest of digging. The fence can be installed on the garden but just make sure that the fence is also safety for your dog. And this is the end of the tips on how to stop a puppy from digging.

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